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Receptionist Services

Our receptionists act as an extension of your team, we will answer your calls, take a message or transfer callers to your staff seamlessly. With Contact One, your phone is always answered by a friendly, knowledgeable person, whether you take the call or we do.



    You can go anywhere, do anything and still never miss a valuable customer call. We screen calls and take messages, or we can forward a call to your home or mobile phone according to your instructions. Our agents are also trained to answer basic customer inquiries, so you can focus on growing your business while we focus on taking calls.



    When a customer calls, they have a question or a problem; we can assist with both. Our agents are trained to understand your business, so they can successfully manage calls on your behalf. Consider us a remote extension of your team that you can rely on to represent your company in the same way you would.

  • 24/7 SERVICE

    24/7 SERVICE

    In today’s lightning-fast world, none of us can afford to lose a customer because we didn’t answer the phone. Our receptionists are available 24/7, so your customers will never be greeted by endless rings, a recorded message, or busy signal. Even when you’re out of the office, your phones will be answered by professional, competent agents.

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Property Management
Law Offices and Attorneys

Businesses large and small use Contact One to provide around-the-clock support to their customers. Whether your industry requires on-demand appointment setting, secure messaging systems or classic call screening, we’ve seen and done it all.

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Custom Pricing

24/7 receptionist services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee.

  • HVAC Business

    After-hours and overflow service call management for prompt, 24/7 response to emergency service requests

    • Calls per month: 330 during peak summer months
    • Monthly coverage: 220 hours
    • Average monthly invoice: $625
    $2.85 /hr
    on average
  • Spa

    Call and schedule management, including appointment setting, when in-house team is unavailable.

    • Calls per month: 300
    • Monthly coverage: 200 hours
    • Average monthly invoice: $875
    Less than $4.00 /hr
    on average
  • One-Doctor Psychiatry Office

    Full-time receptionist services:  schedule management, appointment booking, call forwarding and message taking

    • Calls per month: 500+
    • Monthly coverage: 410 hours
    • Average monthly invoice: $2400
    $5.85 /hr
    on average
  • Small Law Firm

    After hours and weekends call management: Message taking and call forwarding to on-call attorney

    • Calls per month: 120
    • Monthly coverage: 90 hours
    • Average monthly invoice: $185
    $2 /hr
    on average
  • Cleaning Business

    Schedule management, relaying sales calls, message taking and call forwarding during overflow periods and while all staff are in the field.

    • Calls per month: 200-250
    • Monthly coverage: 170 hours
    • Average monthly invoice: $580
    $3.30 /hr
    on average
  • Laser Hair Removal Center

    24/7 receptionist services for two different locations. Appointment booking and rescheduling, message taking, call forwarding.

    • Calls per month: 1000-1200
    • Monthly coverage: 510 hours
    • Average monthly invoice: $4,750
    Less than $10 /hr
    on average
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Success Stories

  • CDA has been our client since 2007

    CDA, Client for over 13 years
  • Arizona Office of Tourism has been a client since 2006

    Arizona Office of Tourism, Arizona Office of Tourism
  • “Contact One has been our answering service for over 15 years. They always go above and beyond to make sure our patients are well taken care of after-hours.”

    Greg Waters, Tucson Orthopedic Institute, Client for over 15 years
  • “Friendly and Profession” Sherri with Ahmize Custom Apparel. A client of Contact One since 2005

    Ahmize Custom Apparel,
  • “Contact One has offered excellent customer service to our company. They run an efficient and affordable operation that ensures we are able to offer rapid response services after hours and on weekends to the children and families that we serve.”

    Jan Wallace, Casa De Los Ninos Behavioral Health Services, Client of 2+ years
  • Taking calls for the Transportation Dept and Public Work for over 3 years

    City of Phoenix, City of Phoenix since 2016
  • “We have critical patient calls that are of the highest priority and need prompt and accurate attention. Contact One is very responsible, attentive and an excellent value in a competitive market place. They have been able to grow with us over the years as we have grown from four physicians to 150 medical providers.”

    Dr. Robert Johnson, Tucson Internal Medicine, Client for over 20 years
  • “We began using Contact One because of the number of calls we started to receive after business hours. We wanted to have a family life, but we also wanted our customers to reach someone on the phone who cares as much as we do. What I’ve noticed the most about hiring Contact One years ago […]

    Silverado Plumbing,
  • “Right after we opened, it became apparent that we needed a convenient way for pet owners to get ahold of us after hours. At the very least, it was nice to have a real person take a message and send it to the office staff when we opened the next day. Contact One is reliable […]

    Dr. James Nunn, Suffolk Hills Pet Clinic,
  • “The service Genesis OB/GYN receives from Contact One Answering Service is simply exceptional. When we have a question, it is answered quickly and thoroughly. Genesis OB/GYN would highly recommend Contact One Answering Service.”

    Susan Gieseler, Genesis OB/GYN, Current Client for 1+ year
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