Medical Answering Services

Good medical answering services can be hard to find (click here to view our Answering Service Guide) and great after hours support is even harder to find. Patient confidentiality is a matter of law (we know our HIPAA from a hole in the ground). Prompt and accurate transfer of information at any hour of any day can be a matter of life and death. Courtesy and the ability to make the patient feel important are missing elements in so many parts of the health care system these days. Professionals who are still able to offer this to their patients stand out in the crowd.

We offer several HIPAA  compliant message solutions including Contact One Secure Message (CSM) that does not require any special apps (only a smart phone). It allow us to send secure messages to providers with the option of replying to our team.

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Integration from multiple providers


Talk to us about integrating with your HIPAA compliant solution.
At Contact One Call Center we are always looking for ways to enhance the medical answering services we provide to our healthcare customers. Currently we see the following trends in the market:

  • Users want to carry ONE device for communication.
  • Paging providers are reducing transmitter locations resulting in limited, spotted, coverage
  • Users need additional features like Delivery & Read confirmation and Reply capabilities.
  • Users turned to SMS to resolve some of the issues above however it is not HIPAA/HITECH compliant


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  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Secure Email / Secure Fax / Secure Mobile Messaging
  • Employees that care
  • Prompt and Accurate 24/7



Medical Services

  • All Calls

    digitally recorded

  • Custom Message Protocols

    to suit your particular needs.

  • Call Screening or Overflow

    support to increase office staff productivity

  • Message Delivery

    via text, email, voice or fax available

  • Reports

    customized to fit your needs. And ours show up on time!