Why Customers Prefer to Speak with a Real Person


Even with the advancements in technology, most consumers still prefer human interaction. Over 80 percent of the respondents in a recent study said they prefer human customer service interactions over digital alternatives. Those who received human interaction when dealing with customer service showed a more positive behavior towards the brand in general.

Generally, customers prefer to speak to a real person on the phone because of the following:

  1. It makes the process easier.
    Many customers are getting frustrated with lengthy automated messages. In many cases, it can make the transaction longer and unproductive due to the confusing ordeal with automated messages, leading the caller in different directions. By having a live person to deal with the customer’s concerns, the process can be expedited.
  2. It’s more convenient.
    One of the biggest problems with automated messages is that it makes it difficult for customers to find what they really want. And if they have additional questions, they need to start the process again. This can be frustrating especially for someone who don’t have the luxury of time to make these calls.

    It’s different when a customer deals with a live person. When he/she has questions, he/she can easily bring those up and have an actual conversation with the representative. It makes it easier to get to the bottom of the problem quickly and efficiently.

  3. It creates a more satisfying experience.
    When a customer talks to a live representative, it makes him/her feel more understood. This creates a more satisfying experience even if the customer ends up not getting the perfect solution.

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